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Internet shop "Books by post" permits you in the fast and convenient manner to order any book of the radio, electronics and telecommunications. The newest editions are presented in a great variety in the fields of electrical engineering, electricity, computers and programming.

During two years of the shop "Circuits Sets by Post" had been visited more than 25000 customers of the electronic circuit sets for the radioamateurs. Now the shop assortment constantly widens by the new sets of self-depending assembling and the finished radio and electronics goods, as well as the industrial measuring devices of the leading world manufacturers.

The catalogues "All Ukrainian Radioelectronics" and "Ukrainian Energetics and Electrical Engineering" are the most complete information editions, that represent a real structure of the
corresponding markets.

"Radioamateur" magazine, that had been edited since 1993, is a fascinating guide in the wireless world for persons having a great interest or by his professional activity in an ether broadcasting, in the development and repairment of the different radio and electronics devices. This magazine is devoted to persons, that are working with a scheme over the table and the soldering iron in his hands, that are considering the practical electronics as his mission. The main sections are: audio, video, electronics, computer, SW and USW radio communications, modern telecommunications.


"Radiocomponents" magazine is devoted to the review of Ukrainian and world markets of electronic components, the measuring and electronic technique, soldering equipment, computers and different details. The magazine is intended for the creators and manufacturers of electronic technique, customers and distributors of electronic components, for the specialists on the repair and exploitation of electronics devices.


"Electrician" magazine is a specialized edition on the electric engineering. There are published an actual materials on the such sections, as energetics, electrical automation, power source, lighting devices, and methodical recommendations, engineering decision, reviews with the commentaries of leading specialists of branch, an information about the exhibitions. A magazine is interesting as for professionals in the branch of electric engineering and energetics, as for amateurs.


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